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Yard Waste Disposal

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Yard Waste, including grass clippings, leaves and small branches is collected curbside by Waste Management from April 15th thru November 30th, weather permitting.

3 Options for Curbside Collection by Waste Management

  1. Label your own reusable tote or can. Place filled can, or cart, curbside for collection. Pick up a free Yard Waste label at City Hall. Collection is part of your garbage fees.
  2. Use a Compostable Bag for grass clippings, stems, and leaves. Place curbside for collection. You must purchase paper or clear compostable bags which are compliant with Minnesota state law from retailers. Collection is part of your garbage fees.
  3. Rent a special Yard Waste rolling cart from Waste Management. Call (952) 890-1100 to arrange for a delivery of a cart. Cart rental cost is $48 per year.

yard wasteSpecific instructions from Waste Management:

  1. No dirt, sod, rocks or gravel.
  2. No trash, flower pots or lawn ornaments.
  3. Tree branches and brush must be bundled, no larger than 4’ x 2’ and under 35 pounds. Place curbside.
  4. Waste Management will collect Christmas trees placed curbside for the first two full weeks of January. If your tree is over 7 ft, please cut in half. Place curbside.

A yearly fee will be charged for use of a Waste Management Cart or use your own with a label affixed for no additional charge.

Do it Yourself; Grasscycling and Compost

It is best to mow your grass and leaves and leave them on your lawn to decompose. The grass clippings naturally fertilize your lawn when the nutrients are returned to soil, which reduces need for fertilizer or bagging of clippings.

Convert yard waste to a nutrient-rich soil amendment for your garden and lawn. This is a no-cost alternative for yard waste and food waste that you can make right in your yard. For more information, visit

Additional Yard Waste Disposal Services

The following businesses are licensed by Washington County as Solid Waste facilities to receive compost material from residents. Contact the business or check their website for details on fees:

Cottage Grove Compost
9600 Gendenning Rd.
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
(651) 459-1556

Woodbury Compost, Composting Concepts
4600 Cottage Grove Dr.
Woodbury, MN 55129
(651) 436-1213

Gertens Regional Eco and Landscape Supply
Manning Ave.& 70th St.
Denmark Township, MN
Enter on 70th Street

Northern Yard Waste
5527 170th St. N.
Hugo, MN 55038