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Reducing Waste Through Reuse

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Please note, Simple Recycling is no longer providing service in Minnesota. The orange bags that many people have will not be picked up any longer. Please read below for optional ways to recycle clothing/textiles.

Reduction of trash is all about making less, using less and reusing things as many times as possible before throwing things into the garbage cart.There are many reasons to reduce waste, including:

  • Protection and preservation of resources, like air, fossil fuels and water
  • Saving money on trash disposal and processing. A smaller cart saves you money and helps the earth.

Save money on your trash collection fees.

Donating or Disposing of Reusable Items

If it is good enough to give to a friend, and you wish to donate your item, it will be gratefully accepted at one of the local thrift stores or drop boxes around town. Before you throw it away, save yourself money and help the environment by using one of the following methods:

Drop Off Your Items in the Stillwater Area

Below is a list of conveniently located thrift store locations that accept most items in usable condition.

  • Goodwill Industries 5980 Krueger Ln, Oak Park Heights, phone (651) 439-0097
  • Valley Outreach, 1911 Curve Crest Blvd, Stillwater (Accepts clothing all sizes)

Drop Boxes: sponsored by various organizations, are located throughout the community. While these drop-boxes are convenient and charitable, they are not usually locally based. Be sure you know where the goods go. Many are transported overseas.

Curbside Donation

Call or go Online to arrange for pick-up right at the curb. Items are sold by the pound to raise money for the non-profit organization you donate to:

Post Online to Give Away or Sell

Additional Strategies

Additional simple strategies for waste reduction to use in your every day life.