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Donate or Recycle Your Electronics

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Do not throw electronics away in your trash or recycling cart! Give them away if they are in working condition. Recycle them if they are broken. It's the law!

electronicsIf you are storing old electronics in your basement or garage, you are not alone. The EPA estimates that the average US household has 2 or 3 TV's stored. TV's and computers require special handling because most contain a cathode ray tube (CRT). These tubes contain 2-8 pounds of lead. Electronic items may not be place in your curbside trash cart.

Electronics that still work may have value to another person, family or group. You can sell usable electronics through a number of on-line sites and even in shopping malls at kiosks. If it still works, it is valuable for more than it's recyclable parts.

If your electronic item does not work, there are several options for disposing of it:

  1. Curbside recycling of three electronic items is included in your trash fees. Call Waste Management to arrange for curbside collection at (952) 890-1100. Curbside limit of 4 electronic items per residence per year is provided at no additional charge. Additional collection can be arranged directly with Waste Management for a $15 fee per item.

  2. Many electronic items are collected free of charge for Washington County residents at the Environmental Center. Electronics collected include: computers, computer monitors, printers, TVs, DVD and VCR players, phones, cell phones, fax machines and microwave ovens.