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Crime Prevention Tips

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Community Resource Officer Brad Junker
(651) 351-4930

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch has been a successful crime prevention program for over 25 years. Neighborhood Watch helps to create a close knit community and develops strong relationships among neighbors. Neighborhood Watch takes only a small commitment from you that will create a safer neighborhood. A minimum of only two meetings per year are needed. To start a Neighborhood Watch in your neighborhood, contact the Stillwater Crime Prevention Officer and he will be happy to assist you.

Operation ID

Operation ID is a valuable program with proven success in protecting your valuables and property. Each participant is issued an identification number. The number should be engraved on all property including electronics, jewelry, tools, small appliances and other valuables. Engravers are available on loan from the Stillwater Police Department. Upon completion of registration and engraving, you will be issued several Operation ID window and property decals to be affixed in plain view. This will deter thieves from taking your property. Also, any property marked with a department issued ID number can be entered into the national database of stolen property if it is ever taken. This is a valuable tool in returning property to its owner. If you are interested in registering with the Operation ID program, stop by the Stillwater Police Department or call the Crime Prevention Office for more information.

Night to Unite

Night to Unite is a nationwide police-community event that is celebrated at the local level. If you are interested in registering your block party or need assistance in planning a neighborhood event for Night to Unite, contact the Stillwater Police Department Crime Prevention Officer and he will assist you.

Crime Free Multi-Housing

The Stillwater Police Department participates in the crime free multi-housing program. This is a multi-tiered program designed to improve safety and develop communities among residents of rental property. Ask your landlord if they participate in Crime Free Multi-Housing.

Education and Training

The Stillwater Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit offers many brochures, books and pamphlets on a wide range of crime prevention topics. Some topics included are: Identity Theft, Fraud and Forgery, Senior Safety, Commercial Security, Residential Security and Personal Safety. We are also available to conduct presentations to various community groups on a variety of topics. Premise surveys designed to improve safety and security are also available to residential and business members of the community. All services and publications are provided at no charge. For more information, contact the Crime Prevention Unit.

Crime Prevention Tips

  • Never leave valuable items in your vehicle. This includes: purses, wallets, checkbooks, CD's and computers.
  • Always remove your mail as soon as possible from your mailbox.
  • Never put your bills, credit card statements, etc., in your outgoing mailbox. They can be easily stolen and used to open accounts using your stolen information. Drop outgoing bills at your local post office or blue postal box.
  • Always lock your vehicle, even when parked in your garage.
  • Always lock you home when you are not there. Be sure to lock all garage service doors.
  • Never carry your social security card or birth certificate in your purse or wallet.
  • Never carry other documentation that includes your social security number, such as health insurance cards, on a day to day basis. Carry it only when necessary.
  • Never list your driver's license number or phone number on your personal checks. Provide as little information as possible.
  • Be aware of scams by phone, internet, solicitors and mail. Do not give out any personal or financial information if you do not feel comfortable doing so or if you do not know exactly whom the party is that you are giving the information to. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • When away, be sure to stop your mail and newspapers or have a trustworthy neighbor pick them up for you.
  • Be sure to keep a list of serial numbers of valuable items and keep the list in a secure place. If an item happens to be stolen, it can be entered into a national data base with the serial number.