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Historic Walking Tours

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Downtown Walking Tour

The Downtown Walking Tour was designed so that people can watch history in the place where history occurred. The tour guides viewers to 14 sites throughout the downtown core, and onto the south hill. While the entire video series is about an hour long, the videos for individual sites are only three to five minutes long. The entire tour may be completed in approximately 1.5-2 hours.

South Hill Tour

The South Hill tour encompasses two different tour routes: Chestnut Hill and the Pine Street loop. The tour loops highlight some of Stillwater's most significant historic homes. Each of the video series is approximately 45 minutes; each tour will take approximately one hour to complete.

Cultural Landscape District Tour

The Cultural Landscape District is an area that combines the natural and man-made landscapes together. This walking tour may be accessed from the downtown area. History videos have not been developed for this walking tour program.