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There are many ways that the City of Stillwater works to serve the community. Following is a list of the major departments of the city, including a description of their main functions.

If you need more information or assistance with a particular city function or service, these sections of the website should be helpful to you. Information on this website is maintained by various department personnel. Questions relating to a department's portion of the website should be directed to the name listed on the department page. Thank you!

Responsible for overall city operation, carrying out the policies and actions of the City Council. The City Administrator also acts as the City Treasurer.

Building Inspection
Provides technical assistance, plan review services and plumbing, mechanical and building inspection services for code compliance.

Community Development
Responsible for zoning, administration, comprehensive planning, historic preservation and economic development and redevelopment. The department assists the citizen committees of the Planning Commission, Parks Board, Heritage Preservation Commission, Downtown Parking commission and Joint Stillwater Township City Planning Board in carrying out their responsibilities.

Provides for the coordination, administration, and engineering of the City's transportation and utility infrastructure.

Finance Department accounts for the financial operations of the City and assists the City Treasurer with treasury operation and debt management.

Provides a wide variety of library services to the City's residents and surrounding communities.

Public Safety - Fire
Responsible for fire protection services and education to its residents along with residents of Stillwater Township, and a portion of the residents of the City of Grant and May Township.

Public Safety - Police
Responsible for law enforcement services and education to its citizens.

Public Works
Provides ongoing maintenance of the City's street system, City vehicles and equipment, operation of the City's sanitary sewer system

Maintenance of City owned parks.

St. Croix Valley Recreation Center
Provides recreational opportunities for all ages and skill levels to participate in various indoor recreational activities, such as ice skating, hockey, and walking.

Water Board
Provides sanitary, healthful and economical operation of all water works.